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Express Gratitude for Better Health and a Positive Attitude

. . Behavioral experts have begun to quantify the positive benefits that people who express gratitude receive from displaying open emotional reactions. Positive expressions of emotion help to make other people happy without question, but feeling grateful also brings deeper emotional balance, relieves stress and generates health benefits for people who express their grateful feelings.Continue Reading

Lesson XIX – A Concentrated Will Development

A Concentrated Will Development. A most effective and practical method of developing the Will. Practical exercises. Will training without exercises. Will-power can overcome big obstacles. The Will to win. Man an unknown quality until his powers are developed. Ability plentiful, but organizing, initiative and creative power not so plentiful. The driving force within. read moreContinue Reading

The Power of Concentration – Lesson 8

“The Power of Concentration” was written under the pseudonym Theron Q. Dumont, by a true Master of Mind Power – William Walker Atkinson. In this series of lessons, the reader is taught how to concentrate and unleash their latent power from within and to reach their higher potential. Lesson 8: Concentration Gives Mental Poise. TheContinue Reading

Law Of Attraction – Attraction With Rituals And Mind Electrical Power

Rituals are an crucial component of the manifesting method. Those who are tremendously profitable with applying the law of attraction comprehend that there is a sacred method to it. You carry out rituals all the time, each and every day you have a set routine in which you get up at a distinct time andContinue Reading

Can the Law of Attraction Bring the Family Closer Together?

With the law of attraction, you will come to see that you can do anything. You can focus on the family aspect, you can focus on yourself, you can focus on your career, but you can also work on anything else that you desire to. With the law of attraction, you can accomplish anything thatContinue Reading