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Quickly Attract Wealth With The Law Of Attraction!

Numerous people were prompted to find out about the Law of Attraction from the movie The Secret or by seeing the instructors from The Secret on Oprah. Attracting abundance is in all likelihood the most common desire, and yet it’s one of the most difficult to do. Notwithstanding, the most common problems in attracting moneyContinue Reading

The Power of Thought

from “Your Heritage” by Walter C. Lanyon Which was first: the egg or the birds? The flower or the seed? You have but to resolve the whole thing into thought to find that first of all, before either flower or seed, bird or egg, was the idea, which rested in the mind of God. ForContinue Reading

The Metaphysics of the Law of Attraction

My friend Dr. Bil Holton, Unity minister, has written a metaphysical interpretation of the Bible which gives specific examples of how the Law of Attraction works. He has accomplished this by writing a chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse metaphysical interpretation of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke (John will be available in May of this year). UsingContinue Reading

How to Put the Law of Attraction into Use

The law of attraction is not passive; to get something specific, conscious effort must be put into getting it. Knowing how to take action can help that dream come true instead of waiting years upon years to live it. The law requires one to act. Taking more control of thoughts and behaviors will attract moreContinue Reading

Law of Attraction News – January 7, 2007

I received an email from a subscriber last week that asked how to supercharge the Law of Attraction. I am always grateful when subscribers communicate with me. This question caused me to think… how can we speed up the time to attract what we desire? After a few hours the word clarity came to me.Continue Reading