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Three Sure Ways to Create Lack in Your Life

When you try to attract abundance and prosperity into your life, you probably focus on techniques like affirmations and visualizations, as well as staying receptive to opportunities on a daily basis. These are all great ways of attracting greater wealth into your life, but you may also want to be sure you aren’t counteracting theseContinue Reading

Law Of Attraction: It Doesn’t Quit Even If You Have!

By Wenny Yap When you first learn about the law of attraction, you learned that everything in the entire Universe is made up of energy. As had been discovered and explained by scientists, this energy is constantly in movement, vibrating incessantly and at varying frequencies. Quantum physics experts also explained that energy attracts similar energyContinue Reading

Abundance Is Your Birthright

. . Abundance is the birthright of every man and woman born on this planet. However, very few realize this fact. This is mainly due to a misunderstanding about the term “abundance” itself. Generally, abundance is thought of only in relation to money. The common misconception is that only a person who has amassed greatContinue Reading

5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Plenty of men could use a boost to their self-confidence regardless of how successful they are. More self-confidence can lead to more and better responsibilities on the job and better luck with women. Since even the most confident men can find that assurance flagging from time to time, below are five tips to help shoreContinue Reading

Is There a Way to Improve Concentration and Mental Ability?

With all the stresses of work and the pace of life impacting our mental health today, many of us need to find ways to improve concentration, particularly as we get older. As we increasingly notice that dates, names, numbers or other important information slips our minds our need to improve concentration may become apparent. Unfortunately,Continue Reading