Being Very Clear About What You Want

The Law of Attraction provides one of the most powerful ways of achieving success and your heart’s desires. But for the Law of Attraction to work in an effective manner it is extremely important to have a clear and consistent intention.

Clear and Consistent

By having a clear and consistent intention a vibration match will be possible which means that you will be able to generate energetic harmony. An inconsistent and unclear intention will not allow you to generate a vibration match which can cancel your request to the universe.

For example if you wish to lose body fat by saying that you wish to become thin yet order French fries at a restaurant, you will not be able to generate a vibration match causing a cancellation of your request to the universe. Not only is this an inconsistent and unclear intention, your actions do not support your intention which results in the misuse of the Law of Attraction. If your intention is to cook fresh fish from a Lake, you cannot sit on a couch and use the Law of Attraction by saying that you want some fresh fish to cook. Instead, you must get a fishing pole and start fishing in the lake. Your actions will provide a vibration match for your intention allowing the universe to see that you clearly wish to get fresh fish from the lake to cook. Only then the universe will get the fish to notice the bait and you can start getting fresh fish to cook.

The basic essence of the Law of Attraction is to have clear and consistent intentions for the Law of Attraction to be effective. The more concrete and vivid your intention is the more quickly you will be able to achieve the outcome. For your intention to be vivid and concrete you must be able to see yourself in the outcome and you must try and make the outcome happen through your actions. While acting on your intentions you must ensure that you clear your mind of all negative thoughts and remain focused on what you wish to achieve. There must be no doubt in your mind as to what you wish to manifest.

The imagery that you create about the outcome you desire must mimic real-life as much as possible. Thus, if you wish to eat a chocolate cake you must be able to see the cake, smell the cake and ultimately takes the cake in the mental image. You must also imagine yourself holding the fork as you cut into the cake and bring it close to your mouth. If you can include all your five senses you will be able to create a more vivid intention which will help you achieve the outcome much faster. You must also repeat this mental image in your mind frequently to increase the speed of achieving the outcome.

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