Away With All Doubt: Express Gratitude


gratitudeMany people have been exposed to the idea that life is a journey. As far as most of them are concerned, however, that journey begins right here and now and then moves forward into the future. While this may be an effective viewpoint when it comes to plotting out a course of action, the past is not necessarily lost to those of us who regard ourselves as wayfarers on the road to the future.

Instead, the past represents a critical part of the whole trip and can even amount to a very large fraction of it for those of advancing years. To put it another way, if life is a journey, the past represents an accounting of how far we have come up to this point in time. With this in mind, it only makes sense that we take a look at how far we’ve already come and express gratitude for the advantages we have already gained.

These are lessons that will not have to be learned (again) and resources that are already at our command, among other things. The past has provisioned us with a certain amount of fuel that will power us towards the finish line. Even if we would prefer to have more gas in the tank of material goods and life experience, we should still be delighted that we are not running on empty in any category.

There is a right way and a wrong way to express gratitude. It should not be some slavish formulaic adherence to convention, or some calculated strategy of fawning in hopes of gaining additional reward. Gratitude is actually a very important mile marker on the journey of life. Expressing gratitude lets the universe know that we have learned our lesson, accomplished our interim goal, and are ready to tackle the next challenge. By recognizing what we have already attained, we signify that we are ready to receive more.

Gratitude also conditions our thinking towards accepting additional things for which to be grateful. The universe sees that we want more of these positive things in our life through our frank appreciation for the amount we have already been fortunate enough to receive. A powerful two-way communication ensues that binds us securely to the fount of all things good and bad.

Clearing our minds of doubt and worry is another way how to express gratitude. It is up to us to reject the unwelcome and embrace those things which cause us pleasure and serve our purpose. It is our responsibility to recognize and give thanks that the bad things in life are behind us, never to return. We all need to embrace the many blessings that have been bestowed upon us and open our minds to receiving even more of them.

The law of attraction, upon which virtually all philosophies and religions are based, really is that simple. The hard part comes from persevering. It comes from continuing to give thanks and express gratitude even when it seems that there is little or nothing over which to rejoice. Even in the darkest of times, however, gratitude primes you to be ready for a reversal of fortune. Better times are indeed coming.

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