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What’s All The Fuss About ‘The Secret’?

Here’s a definite sign that something has made it into the collective consciousness: Oprah features it on her show. If you’re at all inclined in this way, you’ve probably already seen ‘The Secret’. Here are my thoughts on this: I love ‘The Secret’. It’s absolutely phenomenal. I wholly recommend it if you haven’t seen itContinue Reading

Law of Attraction – When it Doesn’t Work

    Are you applying the law of attraction correctly? If you are like most people you are mostly likely quite frustrated. You want to manifest changes faster. You want to manifest money faster. You want to manifest new friends but for all your efforts something seems to me missing. You may be thinking, “IfContinue Reading

Thought Power – Part 4

  Let us take a moment to see how these same conditions would have been met by a person of less wisdom, one not as far-sighted as this dear, virtuous woman has been. For a time, possibly her spirit would have been crushed. Fears and foreboding of all kinds would probably have taken hold ofContinue Reading

The Power of Concentration – Lesson 4

“The Power of Concentration” was written under the pseudonym Theron Q. Dumont, by a true Master of Mind Power – William Walker Atkinson. In this series of lessons, the reader is taught how to concentrate and unleash their latent power from within and to reach their higher potential. Lesson 4: Concentration, The Silent Force ThatContinue Reading

How to Achieve Your Goals Debuts on Squidoo

I’ve started breaking down the steps of Applying the Law of Attraction and creating a page for each on Squidoo. The first lens I’ve created is How to Achieve Your Goals. I’d appreciate your visit and a comment. Let me know what you think – and if you haven’t found Squidoo yet you’re in forContinue Reading