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We Always Reap In Kind

Adapting To Change By Meditation

. . Adjusting to any kind of transformation in your life can be very nerve-wracking. The one thing I have realized is when it comes to any kind of transformation is to keep it on a positive level. To do that I stay calm by meditating and keep it all in focus. I was talkingContinue Reading

What Is Brainwave Entrainment And How Does It Work?

Brainwave Entrainment is to your brain what exercise is to your body. Similar to physical exercise the influence of brainwave entrainment is not limited to the time spent listening to a given session. The process of brainwave entrainment is listening to binaural beat recordings which cause your brainwaves to move towards a specific frequency. AfterContinue Reading

Like Attracts Like

The debate about Law of Attraction can be found all the way back to the 19th century and like all pseudo-spiritual and spiritual movements the debate about Law of Attraction did not come from channeled entities. Thomas Troward started the New Thought Movement in the 19th century in the United States and had a strongContinue Reading

The Power of Concentration – Lesson 1

  “The Power of Concentration” was written under the pseudonym Theron Q. Dumont, by a true Master of Mind Power – William Walker Atkinson.  In this series of lessons, the reader is taught how to concentrate and unleash their latent power from within and to reach their higher potential. Lesson 1: Concentration Finds the WayContinue Reading