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Attention: Why Positive Thinking Is Not Enough

Discover the one simple ingredient that you must include to ensure that your positive thinking manifests in the world around you. Excluding this secret ‘link’ is the main reason most people’s attempts at positive thinking end in failure and frustration. Don’t let yourself be one of them!

Attention: Why Positive Thinking Is Not Enough

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Applying the Law of Attraction Free eBook Directory

I have explored the web for information on the topic of the Law of Attraction and below is the result of my efforts. It is my desire that you find this directory of downloadable eBooks very useful in your studies. If I have included a book that should not be here please let me knowContinue Reading

Read the Other Person with NLP Eye Movement

NLP eye accessing cues or lateral eye movements depict a person’s internal mental process that can be easily observed and quantified (very useful in modeling) and may provide clues on how the person thinks. By having the sensory acuity to observe the nonverbal signals, the subject is sub-communicating; you almost have an X-ray as itContinue Reading

Law of Attraction News June 3, 2007

The Incredible Power of Affirmations over the Quality Your Life

. . Control your world with your mind. It may sound like an impossible task but we do it every day. I know some people who control their world negatively and ruin everything before anything good can happen to them. They leave the house thinking that they are going to hit heavy traffic on theContinue Reading