Attracting a Soul Mate

There is a lot of buzz around the Law of Attraction. Many of you are looking for ways to attract money into your lives. But just as passionate are those of you looking to attract love. You can certainly attract a soul mate using the Law of Attraction. Let’s discuss how to do so.

First and foremost, let’s discuss the primary parts of the Law of Attraction. First, we visualize our desire as though we are there, it has manifested, and we are ecstatic. Then, we leave the universe alone to do the work. Finally, we accept the desire as it is actually manifested into our lives. The important thing to remember is that we don’t visualize “HOW” our desire will be manifested, we simply visualize that it IS. Leaving the “HOW” to the universe is very important. When overlooked, our manifesting seems to work sluggishly if at all.

So when looking at attracting a soul mate, if you have a certain person in mind, you need to let go of their image when visualizing. Instead, imagine the warmth of a loving relationship. Do not imagine particulars. Try to create an imaginary face for your person, or don’t visualize a face at all. Just imagine the feeling of having the partner you desire. This way, the universe can work freely to bring you the very best possible love available. As much as it may hurt to hear, it just might not be the person you are focused on. If you focus your visualizations exclusively on that person, and things are simply not going to work that way, you will waste a lot of energy and come out disappointed. Your internal insecurities and fears will work against your practice, and you will have little luck. Detachment from a particular person will work far more easily, even if it does in fact bring you the very person you are hoping for.

For those of you without any prospects at the moment, things will flow even smoother. The universe will bring your love to you – just be patient. Until then, do not pine for love, and do not indulge in depression, whining, or feeling sad. These things only work towards manifesting more lack of love, and that is counterproductive. Focus on the image of being in love, and then let it go and enjoy being single. You won’t be single for much longer.

Mostly, remember that proper use of the Law of Attraction brings about good feelings. If you imagine a warm healthy love, you will feel wonderful. If you have difficulty doing this, rent some romantic movies – romance, romantic comedies, whatever your taste. Find movies that make you feel good inside, and where the protagonists have the type of loving relationship you are looking for. The more you saturate your mind with images, thoughts and feelings of being in love, the faster things will happen for you. Movies, books, and love songs are all excellent ways to saturate your consciousness with the idea.

Finally, when your love arrives, be sure to properly appreciate them. Check yourself every month or two and make sure you are not taking them for granted. Remember how lucky you are to have found love, and bask in the warmth of a truly loving relationship. Best of luck!

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  1. Leo D says:

    Hello there!

    Yes, the Law of Attraction can help people improve their lives while helping to remove all the poisoning thoughts that we might have.

    But the most important of the Law of Attraction is that you can attract feelings that you want. And to make things happen, all we need is Love. Love is a name for the Law of Attraction. If you don’t allow Love to come into your life, it would be difficult to make anything happen because Love is all about acceptance and if we cannot Love, we cannot accept things that we only want in thought.

    The hint: think of what you want with Love and you’ll get that.

    You have an interesting blog. I’ll link your blog to mine!

    Mine is



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