Who We Are

Dick IngersollThirty+ years in the computer support industry, 4 years in the military, a diligent student of self improvement – and still I was searching for the missing link to achieving what I would call success! Back in 1967, after returning from four years in the military, I borrowed a Nightingale Conant cassette program (some of you will remember cassettes!) called “Lead the Field,” narrated by Earl Nightingale himself. That program led me on a search that brought me here, sharing my findings with you… to hopefully shorten your road to success.

I listened to that cassette series over 50 times, then went on to read other greats in the self-help industry, like Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Zig Ziglar, Dennis Waitley, to name a few. But here’s the amazing thing: No matter how much I read and practiced principles, I never seemed to improve my life. The money wasn’t rolling in; the goals weren’t being achieved. I reached a point where I just threw in the towel! I gave up, insisting that this stuff belonged in the “Sounds Good On Paper” category.

Then an amazing thing happened. In spring of 2006, I was driving to Atlanta with my son to attend a business seminar. As we talked, he asked me what seemed like a simple question: “How much money would you like to live on when you retire?”

Without much thought, I shared an answer, to which he responded with a question that became a pivotal point in my life: How can you think so low?

That question led me on a search for what I’d been missing in all those years of being a self-help student. The real secret: it’s all in the subconscious mind. The key to changing the outer experience of your life lies in reprogramming your inner thinking! The Law of Attraction is a principle – and it works for everyone. Understand it – and use it – and you really can create the life you most desire.

On this site, I have gathered together the results of my comprehensive research, so you can easily discover the resources that will work for you, as you reprogram your subconscious mind and transform your life!

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