Examples of How the Law of Attraction Works

The Law of Attraction is one of the most frequently discussed topics of recent times and it has practically gained a celebrity status because of the exposure it has been receiving from the media. It seems like everyone is discussing the concept of Law of Attraction and its biblical basis. Almost every living being on this planet operates on the concept of the Law of Attraction and therefore many believe that we as human beings simply have no choice but to follow the concept. Many people believe that each individual has the power to consciously focus on a particular object and to then manifest the object.

It is believed that the Law of Attraction works every second in every minute of our everyday life. Most people believe that there is practically no escaping the Law of Attraction moreover since it is a biblical concept, “as you sew, so shall you reap”. Many Christians believe that the Law of Attraction is similar to the Law of Cause and Effect which can help in considerable transformations in a person’s life through empowerment and self-mastery. While wondering about how the Law of Attraction works there are many simple and easy examples which can show evidence about the existence of the Law.

When you go to a cafe or bistro you order for your food and you expect the order to arrive exactly as they were requested. Moreover, when you go to your hairdresser you ask exactly how you expect your hair to be styled and expect it to be styled as you requested. When you ask for a repair to be completed in your car you expect the repair to be completed. This is how easy the Law of Attraction works in our everyday life. You make a request by thinking about the images which you hold in your mind and the Universe will deliver your request exactly how you asked for it, provided you also take action upon the thoughts and ideas you receive from the Universe!

Even when you apply this to your life you will understand that negative thoughts attract negativity into your life because all the negative energy that is focused on your thought process will cause a backlash on your life. If you go about your life thinking about the money you do not have, all the bills that are piling up unpaid and all the things you cannot afford to purchase you are ordering the universe to increase the negativity in your life. The more you think about lack of money, the more bills you will have to pay which you cannot afford. In this situation, the universe is actually delivering what you are requesting through your negative thought process.

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