7 Facts You Need to Know Before Using“The Secret” Law of Attraction

I just read an awesome blog post entitled 7 Facts You Need to Know Before Using “The Secret” Law of Attraction. This is one of the most concise descriptions I’ve read. I’m seeing more and more negative reviews of The Secret by people who have either not really watched the entire film or have watched it with a mind not ready to receive. YES, there is a genie in the movie but if that’s all you see you just weren’t paying attention. I was a student of one of the mystery schools for over seven years. This knowledge was kept closely held for generations. Some wrote of it, Wallace Wattles and Charles Haanel are examples of New Thought authors who in the 1920’s clearly explained the Law of Attraction. If you haven’t read Mental Chemistry yet you can get it for free by signing up on my website. I enthusiastically recommend you read 7 Facts You Need to Know Before Using“The Secret” Law of Attraction.

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Law of Attraction News May 27, 2007

Just dropping in to share a cool tip with you. Hope you’re having a good week! I’ve been quite busy this week with studying all the information that is currently available on the Law of Attraction! I’m always on the internet, looking for informative articles on the Law of Attraction! I found one that IContinue Reading

The True Power of Prayer

Prayer is a staple of many religions.  People speak to God or to higher powers or forces and ask for assistance.  Prayer in this form still works, as many people will attest.  But prayer in its purest form is nothing more than a focused visualization, utilizing the Law of Attraction to bring about healing, assistance,Continue Reading

Read the Other Person with NLP Eye Movement

NLP eye accessing cues or lateral eye movements depict a person’s internal mental process that can be easily observed and quantified (very useful in modeling) and may provide clues on how the person thinks. By having the sensory acuity to observe the nonverbal signals, the subject is sub-communicating; you almost have an X-ray as itContinue Reading

Is it Time for you to Allow Your Heart’s Desires?

. . “Allowing,” in relation to the Law of Attraction is a tough thing to explain because it’s a state of being, rather than a state of doing.  It’s a practice of letting go any effort to control what occurs around you and instead letting the cosmos to work on your behalf. Remaining in aContinue Reading