How to Put the Law of Attraction into Use

The law of attraction is not passive; to get something specific, conscious effort must be put into getting it. Knowing how to take action can help that dream come true instead of waiting years upon years to live it. The law requires one to act. Taking more control of thoughts and behaviors will attract more of the things you desire.

The law is very simple. The universe will conspire to deliver what you desire most. If your thoughts are negative, then that is what it will work to deliver. Conversely, positive thoughts will yield positive outcome. Like attracts like; this is one of the major premises of the law. According to the law, thoughts are energies that are released into the universe and they attract similar energies.

However, attracting the things that you desire requires that you take action now. Firstly, a decision must be made. Set your desired target and resolve to work towards achieving it. This may not be hard but it must be taken seriously.

Secondly, actively work towards changing negative thought patterns. Negative thoughts are a form of resistance. They are self defeating. Entertaining thoughts like “I cannot do this because I do not have enough money or time or I am not good enough” are a hindrance to achieving a desired goal. These negative thoughts drain your energy. Letting go of them increases inner energy and makes it easier to get what you want. Eliminate these thoughts and start to focus on positive thoughts. This can be done in two ways. One is through meditation. Set aside some time each day and find a place free of interruptions. Relax by listening to soft soothing music and by doing breathing exercises. Repeating mantras can also be incorporated into meditation. Second, consciously change your attitude towards all things around you. Appreciate them for what they are. Start with people who are close to you and move to others who have previously brought out negative emotions in you. The outcome of these exercises is reduced negative energy and more incentive for the universe to deliver positive things to your doorstep.

To take action to achieve your desire, you must break free from habits that serve as a distraction. Everyone has certain responsibilities and obligations that they must tend to. However, there are those habits that would lead you away from your desired goal. Begin to make conscious choices concerning your daily activities. See that the necessary duties are fulfilled. For everything else, make choices that put you in the best position to further your purpose. Take some time to consider whether or not making a career move would be the best thing and then act on those decisions. To take necessary action helps get you closer to your ultimate desire.

The law of is not just about being optimistic, it is also about making a conscious effort. In order to attain a desired goal, it is necessary to take positive action. Knowing how to go about it puts you in a position to achieve your goals or desires. If you stop being a pessimist and make careful choices concerning your day-to-day activities, you will get what you want.

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